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Why Use Seeds For Business

Why Use Eco-Friendly Promotions


With a background in marketing, we completely understand that promoting your business effectively is absolutely key. Sometimes, giving away little gifts or tokens to make you stay in your customer and clients' memories.

The problem comes when deciding what to giveaway, whilst pens and notebooks are always useful, we all know that they generally end up at the bottom of your bag until they are thrown away and go to landfill.

By giving a seed packet or eco-friendly gardening gift pack, your clients can understand how important the environment is to you, whilst also receiving a thoughtful, unique gift that they can use either indoors or outdoors. With certain seed varieties the plant may return each year, leaving a lasting reminder of your business.

Why 'Seeds for Business'


We've covered why to giveaway seed packets, but why choose us. We've list just a few reasons below


We are a small but enthusiastic team of people that are committed to providing you with the very best, hassle-free service and highest quality products.

We have a background in marketing so understand the benefits promotions and corporate gifting can bring to your business.

We are incredibly enthusiastic gardeners and can advise the best seed giving solution for you and your business to reach your aims.

We genuinely love what we do!

Don't just take what we say, read some of our reviews from our previous customers:


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