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About Us

Who are we?


Seeds for Business is a small business, based in Derbyshire, UK and we are dedicated in our mission to

To create inspiring, engaging, eco-friendly gifting and promotional solutions for businesses big and small, whilst saving the bees and protecting our planet.


We provide a selection of different seed varieties and solutions to businesses, including:

  • Promotional seed packets

  • Eco-friendly corporate gifts

  • White label seed packets


We are a small, but talented team that are committed to creating the highest quality products and the very best customer service, making your experience as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible.


What do we do?


We supply printed (and filled) seed packets made, designed to your specification. We can print the packets to complement your branding and have a wide variety of seeds to choose from. 

We also provide wedding and party favours and single seed packets on our sister site: Something Pretty Plants

Our eco-credentials


Our business is dedicated to help you promote your eco credentials, but what are ours like?

Being aware about the environment is increasingly prevalent in every day life. We wanted to make sure that whilst we are running a business, it must have have a positive impact on people's lives and a on the environment. We discovered when creating our business, just how easily we could make it help the environment too. We are always growing our own seeds for our own garden to bring as many, birds, bees and butterflies as possible.​

Our approach ensures that everything we do takes our environment into consideration:


  • We design our own garden using only natural materials.

  • We inspire people young and old to get planting natural, native seeds

  • We package all our products using recyclable/biodegradable packaging 

  • We recycle everything that is used for the admin process of running the business

  • We encourage people to share their gardening experiences to spread the joy further.




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