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Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts

We've worked with multiple companies and organisations across the UK looking for a unique, personalised way to thank their valued customers and employees.


A packet of seeds or gardening gift set, is not only is an eco-friendly sign of appreciation, but the flowers, herbs or vegetables last for a long time (and depending on the variety of seeds may come back year on year), so your clients and customers will remember you!

We can provide competitive prices and best of all, there is no minimum order quantity. Just get in touch and we'll find the perfect eco-friendly corporate gift solution for your business.

Our standard gift boxes are fully recyclable and are white gloss, as with the seed packets, if needed we can always source a different style for you. We have different sized options detailed below:


  • Our full gardening gift packs (148x105x50mm) include 4 packets of seeds, 4 biodegradable plant pots, 4 compost discs and 4 wooden plant labels

  • Our small gardening gift packs (89x89x51mm) include 1 packet of seeds, 1 small terracotta pot, 1 compost disc and 1 wooden plant label

We also have a range of inserts that we can include to make the gifting experience more engaging (recipes, ideas for using plants, growing competitions etc...) 

Corporate Gift Design

We can provide seed packets and gardening gift packs included with your logo, or a fully customised design to reflect your branding. 

Your design will be printed on paper seed packets that can be fully recycled. Our standard packets are white in colour and measure 76mm (w) x 102mm (h), but we can be entirely flexible. If you require a different size or colour for your promotional seed packet - just contact us and we will sort the ideal solution for you. 

For the design of your packet, we can simply include your logo on our standard design, or you can email us your own design and we can use this. 


We can also provide a design service, so if you wish us to create you something from scratch we can arrange this - just choose this option when asking for your quote and we will provide a price for this service.


We also can deliver the entire solution, providing fulfilment option if required. We can either send the products to you to distribute. Alternatively, to give you a hassle free solution, we can mail your gifts to each client/customer/employee directly, using Royal Mail (standard or signed for delivery).


Corporate Gift Pack Options

Below we've detailed some of our example gift packs, but we can provide custom solutions, just get in touch to discuss more:

  • Bee and Butterfly Flowers Gift Set

  • Summer Flowers Gift Set

  • Winter Flowers Gift Set

  • Grow Your Own Cocktails Gift Set

  • Grow Your Own Herb Garden Gift Set

  • Grow Your Own Chillies Gift Set

  • Grow Your Own Wellness Garden Gift Set

  • Grow Your Own Vegetable Patch Gift Set

  • Grow Your Own Christmas Dinner Gift Set

  • Sunflower Gift Set

  • Sweet Pea Sign of Appreciation Gift Set

  • Grow Your Own Lavender Oil Gift Set (includes lavender oil recipe)

  • Grow Your Own Strawberry Daiquiri Gift Set (includes Strawberry daiquiri recipe)

  • Wildflower Garden Gift Set

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